Salomon Salomon MTN Binding w/Brake
Salomon Salomon MTN Binding w/Brake

Salomon MTN Binding w/Brake


For high-performance alpine touring, the MTN binding boasts convenience, reliability and light weight. The precision Lowtech system has multiple height climbing aids with quick, easy access, while the wider screw pattern and integrated brake give you conf

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Weighing under two pounds per pair, Salomon's MTN + Brake Alpine Touring Binding is certainly a minimalist that best suits gram-counting backcountry skiers, but unlike most tech bindings, the MTN + has variable release ratings to better suit an array of downhill skiers ranging from beginners to intermediates. Its classic U spring design holds three different release values to keep things safe for beginners still learning how to turn, and keep expert skiers attached to their planks as they reach mach speeds.


Another unique feature with Salmon's MTN + is the wider screw integration that enhances energy transmission on the downhill. As for the uphill, this binding has two heel lifters to help you tackle the steeps. These lifters face opposite than most to prevent falling down when you're half-way up the mountain. This binding comes with brakes to further assist in safety and convenience.
  • Minimalist alpine touring binding for backcountry skiing
  • Classic U spring design with three release values for downhill
  • Two pole-compatible heel lifters for steep hiking
  • Wider screw integration and brakes for confident descending
  • Compatible with tech ski boots
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