The Glide Project provides age appropriate snow science

and avalanche education for youth balanced with personal responsibility,

teamwork, and respect for the mountain environment.

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Our Objectives

  • Offer avalanche education and snow science to every student in Colorado who wants to learn more about our natural winter environment.
  • Promote youth avalanche education to increase awareness for the entire back-country community.
  • Provide a financially viable avenue for youth to obtain avalanche education and winter literacy.
  • Build respect for the winter mountain environment.
  • Advise youth on the process of decision making in a backcountry environment.
  • Develop tactics to combat peer pressure and other human factors.
  • Learn techniques for group rescue and winter survival.
  • Advocate team work and group think protocols both in and out of backcountry environments.

Dates for the Glide Project AIARE level one classes:

  • 28-30 December
  • 23-26 January
  • 27 February – 2 March


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Donation Levels

  • $6,000

    Full Trip

  • $2,200

    Full Day

  • $1,000

    Taft Scholarship

  • $366


  • $100



Advisory Board

  • Kelli Anthony – Director
  • Chris Anthony
  • Will Elliott
  • Richie Graham
  • Penny Wilson
  • Kari Corbin
  • Sean Glackin
  • Bo Pihl
  • Katie Brazelton
  • Terry Armistead
  • Liana Sideli

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