Vail & Beaver Creek's Uphill Access Information Page:

Here is a sign that you will see at some of the most popular access points to Vail & Beaver Creek (including Arrowhead)  Please note that the phone number for Vail's Trail Hotline is: 970-754-1023.  This phone will be answered by a live person 24/7.

Beaver Creek at 970-754-5907 has an answering machine that is updated each afternoon.

Vail's Uphill Access Policy




   Vail's Trail Hotline:



   Beaver Creek:














Vail & Beaver Creek close runs to uphill traffic for specific reasons including snow making, snowcat operations or other unsafe conditions.  If you encounter the sign below, please respect and choose an alternate route for you own safety.


Other Info:

Vail's Safety Page & Uphill Policy

Beaver Creek's Uphill Travel Policy

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